​​The Original

Created by Tony Hornick

My name is Tony Hornick. I offer my sprouter to you for your health and I warranty it unconditionally for life.

Tony Says... 

You can sproutOnly FIVE kinds of beans (but lots of seeds).These beans are acceptable - Mung, Garbanzo, Adzuki, Lentils and Soy. All the rest of them contain poisons and/or are bitter.  These five are available at most health food stores.


I learned a lot during those 3 years. I became ill twice during that time. The second time my doctor recognized salmonella poisoning as a cause. I could not accept this nor could we pinpoint the source of the poisoning. But after telling him about everything I was eating, it was suggested by the doctor that I look at the sprouts as the cause of my problem. So I changed to a more expensive sprout grower which claimed to eliminate 50% of the problem. After 3 years of using the jar system, I purchased a glass domed unit similar in appearance to the ones I sell today. That was 44 years ago. I used that system up until I was 70 yrs of age. During that time of growing and eating sprouts I never got ill with any type of sickness. Generally now I do not even get headaches and colds. It was during those years I also read in a religious book that plants have afterbirth like humans and animals. I learned that afterbirth can contaminate the baby during the birth cycle and care had to be taken that the baby would not be soaked with the afterbirth. It should be kept apart as much as possible. That is not easily done and that is why I came up with the screen above the water in my system.

Tony's Story

     Forty-seven years ago, when I started to read about nutrition in the public libraries in Toronto and Etobicoke, I learned that sprouts should be grown in Jars for simplicity.  In fact almost any book you pick up today still states exactly the same thing. However, the work to keep those baby sprouts both clean and healthy is more than most people want to do. Ninety-nine percent of all people will give up using the glass-jar system because it is simply not convenient.  People don't have the time or are not that interested in doing the daily chore of washing the baby sprouts.  The jar-method simply doesn’t work. When I started growing sprouts, I did exactly what those books stated, every day for 3 years and in Jars. It was a chore. I grew them not because I just wanted healthy nutrition but because I HAD TO HAVE THE BEST NUTRITION.  It was not easy.   And I, like others still think today, thought that I should let them grow 2 to 3 inches high to be of full value. I remember how each day, 3 to 5 times a day, I had to shake the jars back and forth to try to keep them from getting mouldy and forming a bad smell. There were times I gave up and wanted to quit.  But because of my need for greater nutrition I continued.