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Created by Tony Hornick

Making Choices

Sprouts are the logical choice, abounding with antioxidants, proteins, vitamins (especially vitamins B and E), minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and much more. Choosing to eat raw foods at least once a day is another vitally important choice. Raw foods contain enzymes that are needed for the digestive system to work efficiently. Our bodies only produce 70% of the enzymes required so 30% must come from our foods. This changes as we age. All raw foods contain the right amount of enzymes required to split every last molecule into the basic building blocks of metabolism which are amino acids, glucose, and essential fatty acids, thus allowing for proper digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients. Sprouted seeds, grains and legumes are the most powerful enzyme rich-foods there are, multiplying their values by 300% more than the seed. You cannot duplicate this in a pill.

Make the choice to decrease the amount of cooked foods in your diet. Cooking (heating food above 100 degrees C/212F) destroys enzymes and enzyme preservation is a secret to health. Cooking changes the molecular structure of the compounds in our food and can impair our health. Frying  foods is even worse.

Choosing to sprout gives you a certain amount of control over your food supply (no pesticides) and nutritional intake at the very lowest of cost. Beneficial trace elements are stored in seeds at concentrations at least two hundred times that of other plant material. Sprouts are baby plants in their prime with the greatest concentration of vitamins and minerals than they will ever have at any other point in their life. The nutrients in sprouts continue increasing-even when harvested and put into the fridge to slow the growth. Sprouts provide the highest amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes of any food per unit of calories. Choosing organic is the next most important choice. Kirlian photography shows that organic foods having a much larger aura (energy field) than chemically grown foods. They also simply taste better. To prevent health problems, we need LIVING (biogenic and bioactive) foods in our diet.