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Created by Tony Hornick

***You can start eating the sprouts as soon as the root shows or when the root is as long as the size of the bean, which is usually in the first 36 to 48 hours. Smaller seeds such as radish or broccoli may have to be soaked overnight to make them swell before placing them onto the screen. The plastic dome forms a humidity chamber and because of its light weight ensures that gases can be released. Don'tpress it down firmly.  At the same time the humid conditions will speed up the growth.  You may remove all the sprouts from the dish and place them in a glass container with a cover into the refrigerator for longer life but continue to rinse at least once a day.

How to use your hydroponic Sprout Grower

***Prior to the use of the Stainless Steel Screens, push down on the middle of the screen to make the bottom flat***

Place 3-4 tablespoons of Mung beans onto the stainless steel screen. Pre-soaking is not necessary. Rinse them under a tap. Spread them evenly over the screen carrier. Place sufficient water in the plastic dish to touch the seeds. Some will float.  Most will sink.  Both is fine.  Place the dome cover in position to collect the humidity during the birth cycle. Don't press tight. Approximately 12-15 hours later pour out the afterbirth (coloured water).   Lift out the strainer and rinse the beans under the tap. Replace tray and cover with dome (very little water is needed in the dish at this point). Do this again every 12 hours, which means you will rinse the beans 3-4 times before beginning to eat them.  Refrigerate when the roots are twice as long as the beans.


The SCREEN is easily cleaned with a brush and may also be put into the dishwasher. The PLASTIC dome and tray are heat sensitive and should be washed by hand. When there is a slight mineral deposit on the bottom part, it may be cleaned very easily using a non-abrasive or well used scrub pad used for cleaning dishes. Wash both the plastic cover and tray as needed with mild detergent. If they are washed often they will not stain. Soft sponges may also be used for cleaning the plastic.

Our Sprout Grower’s Domes are designed to grow organic mung bean sprouts more quickly than any other sprouter ever designed. You can witness the growth through the clear dome and know exactly how much you have eaten as well as what is going on. Nothing is hidden. Clean pure water should always be used during the germination period.  After the first 12 hours the afterbirth water should be poured out.  The clean pure water may be replaced but doesn't need to be. After the next 12 hour period you should again rinse the beans. Most of our users have found that after the first 12 hours, rinsing is all that is necessary and no new water need be added at the bottom of the tray. You can start eating the baby sprouts after or during the second day.  Watch them. Taste them. If they have roots they will be crunchy.  Bon appetite!!

How to Sprout