​​The Original

Created by Tony Hornick


At The Sprout Grower's Dome, we're dedicated to ensuring that your experience of sprouting is simple, easy, and even educational.  Under the Dome begins the journey towards food security for you and your family.


**The sproutgrower guarantee is provided by Tony Hornick personally for the normal use of the product.  All warranty claims should be direct to tony@sproutgrowers.com.  The ownerof this site bears no responsibility for product misuse of any form.

The Sprout Grower's Dome

Tony Hornick’s sprouters are by far the best designed sprouters available today. The indestructible clear plastic dome creates the perfect conditions for all sorts of seeds to sprout and the quick-to-remove stainless steel tray makes rinsing the seeds simple and easy. Eat the sprouts from the tray directly or transfer them into a container for the fridge. Either way, this sprouter is guaranteed to bring you years and years of fresh, delicious and nutritious sprouts for you and your family! How do we know this?   Because we guarantee it, unconditionally, for life!**